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La merveilleuse Provence des peintres Ag
Théodore Monod- Déserts
2 - Quelques titres parus
Au Salon du Livre de Francfort
David Muench
Provence - Ici l'eau est d'or
André Mauric
1- Quelques parutions
4 - Art Photo & Textile -  Tango
Exposition Collection Verbaet
Coordination éditoriale
L'art du montage en chocolat, Tome II -
AFFICHE Madagascar
Exposition Cacao Madagascar
6- Commissaire d'exposition Valrhona
3 - Collaborations THALIA ED.
Kasimir Malevich Edition anglaise
Chaplin'sWorld avec M. Yves Durand
Sindbad par Reza
A New-York pour un salon et coédition

Many thanks to

> all the talented authors who trusted me

and to all the teams:

> Agep-Vilo, Michel Lafon, Glénat, Thalia and Serena Publishing Houses , created by Aleksandra Sokolov, my accomplice for whom I was "the southern subsidiary", Lund Humphries for co-publications, and 5 Continents (Milan),

> from La Cité du Chocolat-Valrhona and Maître Chocolatier Luc Eyriey , true artist of chocolate pieces,

with whom I had the great pleasure of collaborating on works of art and cultural exhibitions.

> A special mention to Mr.Yves Durand, creator of Chaplin's World in Vevey, for allowing me to live my dream and my passion for the great Charlie Chaplin, and to be there for its inauguration in, April 16, 2016 ...

My new life as an editor of gastronomic and cultural experiences keeps all your imprints as source of inspiration:!

FRANCFORTSindbad  octobre 2009.jpg
Editrice au Salon du livre de Francfort
Editor at the Frankfort Book Fair 
< Ci-contre une sélection de titres et d'expositions 
Dégustations de truffe, vins et fromages
Truffles, wines and cheeses tastings

About me

Hello !

I really like being born in Marseille ... Why? From this city-world, so invigorating and so tense, I have a great passport: that of a Marseillaise that makes you feel at home every where !

From my Brazilian and Syrian origins, color,

rhythm, curiosity for Art in all its forms and the pleasure of exchanging around a good dish characterize me ... undeniably!

My career as a editor of art books, as well as an agent for talented artists, has allowed me wonderful encounters and achievements that have fueled

my mind and my gaze, the pleasure of learning.

These intense and original tailor-made gastronomic and cultural experiences are an opportunity to pass on to you these elements acquired in history, architecture, traditions and gastronomy with a single objective:

to make you feel, breathe, taste, listen, touch, really see all the details ...

In short, make you LIKE Marseille, Aix-en Provence, Avignon & Châteauneuf du Pape, Cassis ... by unforgettable meetings, just made for you ...!

You will no longer be a tourist but a Friend who is taken by the hand to make him experience the best of Provence!

So come quickly wake up your 5 Senses ...

See you soon!